One of the key services we provide for industry clients is the production and distribution of press releases on their behalf. Very often a client will have a great news story, but not be aware of how to publicise it to best effect, or not have the resource in-house. We have been writing press releases for clients for many years, and know what makes a great story and who might be interested in it.

For example, we have just written and distributed a press release for one of our industrial clients – Aish Technologies. Aish has recently appointed a new senior management figure into a new role at the company and wanted to make sure the industry knew about it. Our service involves interviewing the individual to find out more about him, where he has come from, what are his first impressions of the business and where does he see the future of the company heading. From the interview we will write a draft press release, take some photographs that can be used for the PR and in future marketing activities, and then distribute the release to our established database of local and industrial trade press contacts.

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