Case Study

Aish Technologies

Aish Technologies is a world-class technology company, supplying systems design and manufacturing, specialising in the protection of electronic equipment in harsh environments.

The company operates predominantly within Defence and Aerospace sectors, and has an enviable track record of successful projects with clients such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Thales.

The company has a strong technical base, disciplined programme management and excellent advanced manufacturing facilities.

Aish Technologies needed a corporate video to promote their skills, services and facilities. It had to feature a blend of personnel and equipment, including crucial detail such as the number of team leads and accreditations, all of which helps make AISH a successful and desirable company.

what they wanted


PR, video production and photography for their Bloodhound SSC project open day

Photography of all their staff to create a wall display demonstrating long service

Video production for corporate use at exhibitions and on their website

A PR service, including regular press releases and editorial content for trade journals

An internal quarterly newsletter, for distribution amongst their workforce

what we did


PR support including press releases in the run-up to the open day, VIP liaison with local dignitaries and business leaders and press engagement

On-site photography of over 150 Aish team members, and the subsequent production of professional mounted photographs for display in Aish’s office

On time and on budget delivery of new corporate video, including filming, editing, graphics, voice-over and royalty-free music

Writing, design and production of 4 newsletters per annum

Since working with The Collective, they’ve really opened our eyes to the benefits of having good PR, they have done a number of projects for us, one of the most interesting ones was a gallery of all the staff that have worked for the company for over ten years. That is something that customers can see an it helps them engage with us and realise that we have longevity… We’ve been working with  them  for about a year, and it’s a pleasure, they understand our business, we understand them, we know their personality and they know ours.

John Atkins

Sales & Marketing Director, AISH Technologies

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