Social Media ROI

How well do you think your social media activity is going?

Are you getting a valuable return on investment for your efforts?


A recent report undertaken by ListenFirst has revealed only 33% of marketing professionals could ‘mostly’ connect an ROI to social media, whilst 7% said they were never able to make the connection.

Having said that over 50% of those taking part in the survey claimed they would be increasing their spend on social media in 2022 as its influence grows right across the whole spectrum of industry and education.

For the B2B market, social media was the top growing marketing pillar in 2021, followed by website, search/PPC advertising and then email. During the pandemic, social media was also judged to be the most effective pillar for companies followed by email marketing.

It is interesting to see how popular email marketing remains for B2B companies, however the shift towards using social media to reach a target audience is significant and cannot be ignored.

If the real-world effects of a social media campaign are clear to see, can you argue the actual ROI on your social media spend is that important? I guess that depends on who holds the purse strings…


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