With the summer holidays in full swing, we know that the camcorders are out and filming away… but alas, the results may not be as good as you want them to be! So, we have come up with some simple tips to start taking better videos. We have assumed you have read your manual first!

Have a plan

It’s all well and good thinking let’s create a video but you need to have a rough shot list and know what you want to capture before you start. Think about the length of the video you want to create and the key shots you need included.

Think frame 

Frame your shots well. All pros start with the Rule of Thirds – imagine a 9 box grid over the lens – your subject should cross one of the intersect points to make your subject off centre. Use wide shots sparingly, a wide shot is good to establish location but after that try and get a little more specific. Think angles… shoot from high on a subject to make them look thinner, shoot from low down to give them a more powerful look.

Shoot from several different angles

Get creative with your shots and try from a few different angles. It will create an interesting mix of shots and keep your viewers engaged. Try changing it up with some close up’s as well.

Use a Tripod

Stabilise your shots to remove the shake. Invest £20 in a tripod or monopod and your videos will instantly look better.

Think about your lighting

Video producers are ‘painting with light’ guys! As you would with photography think about where the light is coming from. Shooting into the light will make your subject appear dark and shadowed. If you get the lighting right you will save yourself a lot of time in the editing process. Remember, if you need more light, add it! Use light sources you have i.e. table lights, ceiling lights or invest in some reflectors to control natural light and some cheap lights… you do not need to spend much!

Too much footage is better than too little

Take your time and make sure you have plenty of B-roll to fill in the gaps.

Hopefully you have found these simple tips useful to start taking better videos. If you have specific video or editing topics you would like us to write or vlog about, please drop us a line and don’t forget to check out our most recent blog posts.