the right message, to the right people, at the right time

we offer diverse and effective PR support to ensure your message gets heard every time

We have the public relations expertise and media know-how to generate effective content that communicates your message to your audience through our established contacts in online and offline media. We spend the time understanding your needs and how we can best support them, and by investing time to ensure the successful transmission of your message.

We are passionate about what we do and extend that into our working relationships. So whether it’s building credible relationships with journalists to increase brand awareness or raising your profile with events, you can rely on us to deliver the most effective results time and time again.

media relations


Media Relations is changing, and you need to make sure you are too. It’s no longer acceptable to just try and build up a relationship with journalists at your local paper, or even your industry trade magazine. Media Relations encapsulates your social activity, your content for your website and newsletters and even how you interact with your stakeholders. Ensure you get noticed using all these mediums with a planned approach to all of your media relations activity.

press releases


Press Releases are an effective way to produce content for other marketing collateral, in addition to raising your profile in local and national media. We will research the topic, talk to your technical team and arrange a suitable photograph to accompany the release. Our extensive distribution list will ensure your press release is received right across your target industry and geographical areas, providing you with the maximum opportunity to generate effective exposure and raise your profile.



Award success can be a cost-effective way to raise your profile and provide you with valuable PR. There are many industrial awards, both locally and nationally, and selecting the right ones for your business is important. Entering awards, and hopefully the ensuing success, also provides additional benefits such as employee motivation, 3rd party endorsements and an opportunity for you to benchmark your company against your competitors.

Let us help you identify the most suitable awards and then work with you and your team to put together professional entries that maximise your chances of success.

Image showing editorial content

editorial content


Good editorial content is a key ingredient of your marketing strategy, as it gives you material for other marketing activities, for example your website, and allows you to take advantage of industry opportunities to promote your business, often for free. A well written article will appeal to trade magazine editors and can guarantee you some great coverage, especially if supported by advertising. Writing editorial can be time-consuming so let us plan your exposure as part of an integrated marketing strategy, and then work with your technical experts to write meaningful and insightful editorial that enables your business to shine.

why choose us?


Creativity: a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.

Let us provide the spark of creativity that elevates your marketing from regular to amazing.


Experience: the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through exposure to it.

In all areas of video production and marketing our experience guarantees you get the right solution every time.


Teamwork: the process of many people working together for a common cause

We know the power of teamwork. Our approach is focused on working with your team to achieve success