Not so long ago the idea of Marketing Strategies for Engineering companies would have been dismissed as a ‘nice to have concept but we don’t need it’. Thankfully those days, for many companies we come in contact with, are gone. The common response now is ‘yes we have something’ or ‘we have plenty of ideas but just need to put a plan together’. We love to hear either of those answers as it means the company is over that initial first hurdle of questioning ‘why do we need marketing’?

Having safely negotiated that hurdle, the next most common question we are asked is ‘so where do we start?’. There is no obvious answer to this one as it very much depends on what stage the business is at, both within its market place and its marketing journey. We undertake a full review of the companies market position and from that can formulate a marketing plan to achieve the desired objectives. Alternatively companies can concentrate on a small number of strategies in key areas to help them move forward and begin to see that all-important return on marketing spend. Here are four strategies you could employ right now.

Content for your Website

Marketing in 2018 is all about getting the right content for your audience, in front of that audience, on as many channels as you can. We’ll look at social media shortly as one of the other strategies but for now let’s focus on your website. When was the last time you read through some of the key pages of your website? Do those pages really get the message across to your audience of what you offer? Spend a little time articulating what those messages are, then amend your content accordingly. Search Engine Optimisation of your site is a whole new topic, and is best-left for a future debate, but addressing your content is a first important step to generating leads through your site.

Email Marketing

Continuing the theme of getting the right content to your audience; use email marketing to speak directly to your database, which is the most important tool you have for generating business. With a varied combination of company news, industry changes and technical news, you can craft an e-flyer that will inform and engage your readers. Do this 3-4 times a year and it starts to become ‘vital reading’ for your database.

Social Media Marketing

If you are not yet on social media, you have a bit of catching up to do – but let’s assume you’ve taken some first tentative steps. The platforms that are most likely to be of benefit to you are Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and, increasingly, Instagram and Pinterest. On the basis that engineering tends to be a visual profession i.e. you see an end product, think about your use of photographs and video when posting. Consider the style, tone and content of your posts and keep them consistent to help communicate your company ethos. Follow your customers, suppliers and industry-based organisations. Engage through retweets, shares and comments to increase your authority and establish your credibility.

Video Marketing

In 2018 industrial marketers are dedicating more budget to video than any other form of marketing content. It is the growth area and offers you scope to promote your products and services across multi-channels in a visually-appealing format. With stats such as “People are 65% more likely to convert on a website form if a page has video” can you afford not to start using video?

All of the above strategies will help you to reach out to your customers to some extent and implementing them one at a time is feasible. For the best results however you need to be considering them all, so you have a structured plan in place that maximises the impact. Marketing strategies for engineering companies get results. Ask yourself what an engineering marketing plan can do for you. Then consider do I want to do it myself, or employ an expert to do it in the form of a specialist Marketing Agency.