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Social media is a vital tool for promoting your business. Making a success of your social media can be tough but sticking to these simple steps can really help you stay on track and keep an engaged audience.

Set goals

It may seem like common sense, but goal setting is essential when measuring your social media success. Once you have clearly defined goals, you have something to measure your results against.
Ask yourself: “What do I want to get out of social media for my business?” – your answer will effectively dictate your goals.
Make sure your response is specific. For example, wanting to increase your website traffic is not a well-defined and measurable goal. On the other hand, wanting a 10% increase of website traffic is both well-defined and can be measured. 

Create a policy

Making the decision to promote your business through social media is a huge step. Before even getting started, be sure to set some boundaries on social media use.
Include some of the do’s and don’ts and set the tone of your social media channels so that they’re reflective of your company. Consistency across the tone, images and language is important to your business identity.

Offer training

Once you have your goals and a policy set in place, it might be of value to offer some sort of basic social media training.
Offer advice on how to set-up and use the different social media channels, with information like how to target your audience with the right information. This will help employees to understand what you want to get out of social media for your business and help to make it a success.

Plan ahead

It’s tough juggling everything, and unless your company has a marketing team, finding the time for social media will likely push it to the bottom of the to-do list. The solution: plan ahead.
Having a calendar of content for the week/month ahead will save you time and the distraction of what and when to post.
Most companies will have set projects with dates, which can be used to form your calendar. This will allow you to react to additional events as and when they arise.


It’s a good idea to monitor and measure your results, so that you can see which posts are working well and which aren’t working so well.
Using tools such as Google Analytics or the social media’s own analytics will give you an insight into which posts received a high reach or a lot of engagement. From this, you can tailor future posts to make your social media even more of a success.

Whether you are just about to set-up social media for your business, are looking for some guidance, or even looking to outsource your social media, drop us a line – we can help when it comes to Making a Success of Your Social Media!