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I received an email today from a Marketing Agency, offering me their services as a Marketing Consultant for our business. Now, bearing in mind we are a Marketing Agency and that’s what we do, I went through a range of emotions. It started with contempt, spread to laughter, then curiosity and finally to grudging respect. I did, of course, what any self-respecting marketing person would do on receiving an email from a competitor, and googled them. This told me they were a) quite a large business and b) they actually know what they are talking about (at least in print). 

This got me thinking… were they just a little bit slack with their database cleansing and hadn’t checked they were sending their email to competitors… or was it a deliberate ploy, based on the very credible notion that, actually, many businesses are so busy working for their customers that they forget to work on their own business. 

Using that logic, you could be forgiven for considering the idea of an agency such as ours using another agency to do their marketing. You would of course have to address the issue of pride – why would I pay for an agency to do something I do for our clients every day? The answer is time of course, and the fact that sometimes you can be too close to your business to see the best way to market yourself.

Many of our industrial clients are busy and successful organisations, with significant client bases that need servicing. We regularly talk to companies who are struggling to find the time to invest in themselves as client business always comes first. We get that completely, which is why we have developed our approach of offering our customers the option of outsourcing their marketing to us. By working alongside, and often actually within the business itself, we can provide a guaranteed level of support on a monthly basis, so our customers have that peace of mind that says 

we are continuing to market ourselves without having to think about it, or devote a resource to it, that could be better utilised elsewhere in our business”. 

So, maybe, the original email doesn’t sound such a silly idea. If you are thinking something similar, why not drop me a line and we can compare thoughts.