Case Study

Kingsleigh Primary School

Kingsleigh Primary School is a large school located in Bournemouth with 500 children and 80 staff members. The school has recently undergone a significant extension project to improve its facilities and add new capacity, with this came our partnership to highlight the school for local parents and provide on-going marketing support.

This prospectus video we produced for Kingsleigh Primary School highlights that it is an environment where children thrive and develop skills in a positive and friendly atmosphere, whilst showing off the impressive facilities available to children. Kingsleigh Primary School is a great place to learn.

what they wanted


To promote the school

Demonstrate their new facilities

Improve communications with parents

what we did


Created and produced a Video Prospectus to communicate Kingsleigh’s culture and ethos

Provide ongoing website, social media and SEO support to develop their existing communications and form a positive attitude with new parents

Regular advertorials to promote their open days and key events through local press

why choose us?


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