2016 saw the year of a flat design, video, and a surge in mobile responsiveness. Predicted web design trends of 2017 appear to be a move towards animation and a cinematographic user experience.

Since web design is constantly changing and evolving, to help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of some of the predicted trends of 2017.

Big, bold typography

2016 saw an increase in size and ‘out-there’ designs and this trend continues to grow, brand’s will be going bigger, bolder, and even more eye-catching. Expect to see over-sized and full screen type that breaks the grid, dynamic colours and fonts to create that ‘wow’ factor.

Web Design Trend-Bold Font

Open Compositions

Open compositions are a way of adding ‘life’ to your web design; websites are now turning away from a flat, symmetric, and static style. Loosely suspended elements that move across the screen are taking an interest, it gives the impression that they continue beyond the limits of the monitor.

web design trend- assymetry

Greater Diversity

A simple web design topped the trends in 2016, but as movements like minimalism came to the fore, designers sought ways to infuse more personality into their design.

Asymmetric layouts which are not perfectly balanced on the left and right sides, content that does not align, situates at different distances and overlaps have gained popularity. Brighter colours, gradients, and richer backgrounds and patterns are all ways to embrace an open-style.

2017 welcomes the greater desire for freedom and a less rigid approach to web design.

web design trend-composition


Video dominated web design in 2016 and will continue to do so. Video, unlike imagery, is altogether more dynamic. The use of sound and movement appeals to the senses and are sure to hold audiences’ attention for longer.

High-quality videos that run on a smooth, continuous loop have been extremely popular as a way of adding movement and visual interest to the front page of your website.

web design trend - video


Animations are nothing new, but with the rise of visual tools they offer greater possibilities in web design. A move towards integrated ‘storytelling’ inspired websites and the possibility of showcasing unique brand personality thanks to the diversity of HTML5, CSS and jQuery.

web design trend - animation


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2016 saw the year of a flat design, video, and a surge in mobile responsiveness. Predicted web design trends of 2017 appear to be a move towards animation and a cinematographic web experience.

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