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A unique approach to support your business growth via targeted and bespoke marketing 

why GrowthEngine™ is special

GrowthEngine™ is a unique philosophy we have to generate revenue for you and help you grow your business. Through targeted and cost-effective marketing support, we guarantee to raise your market profile and generate quality leads over the course of 12 months.

Our flexible GrowthEngine™ packages provide you with a marketing plan that can adjust according to your requirements and enables you to spread the cost over the year.

how can GrowthEngine™ help you?

In today’s competitive marketplace you need a marketing strategy that will help you to protect your brand and raise your profile, whilst targeting your audience with the key messages they want to hear.

Your growth potential as a business depends upon the quality of leads you can generate from your marketing, and how you maximise the ROI of your marketing budget.

How does GrowthEngine™ work?

Quite simply we work alongside you as your marketing partner, providing marketing support that specifically is targeted at helping your business to grow.

We’ve found the best way we can help our customers is to have a structured plan in place, which is then carried out over a period of time, usually 12 months. By using a unique credits based package, we can provide marketing support that is flexible and cost-effective, allowing you to monitor results and get the best ROI for your marketing budget. 

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What is GrowthEngine™?

GrowthEngine™ is our unique approach we take to help your grow your business, by working alongside you as your marketing partner over 12 months (or longer) to raise your profile and generate leads.

How much does it cost?

There are three levels of standard packages, which give you a set number of credits to use. The opening package starts at £995/month for 12 months. In addition to the standard packages, a bespoke package can be put together for you.  

What are the credits for?

As part of your GrowthEngine plan you receive a number of credits to use over 12 months. Each of our services has a set number of credits assigned to them, so you can decide what services you use and therefore how many credits you need.

How long does my GrowthEngine™ plan last?

Our minimum package is 12 months, because we believe it always takes some time to set the foundations in place and then carry out consistent and measurable marketing activities that deliver the growth you are seeking. There isn’t a maximum time, as we would love to continue working with you as your business grows. 

How does my GrowthEngine™ plan start?

We start every plan off with a marketing strategy. This enables us to identify your target audience, craft some key messages and set some marketing objectives. Your GrowthEngine package can then be formulated to realise your business growth goals.

What is my contribution?

We see GrowthEngine as a partnership arrangement, where we work side by side to achieve growth for your business. We need you to grant access to your business so we can produce the right content, and in return we will execute your marketing plan. Some of our clients are happy with a quarterly update, whereas some like to be more involved; it is up to you how involved you wish to be.    

Can I increase my number of credits?

Yes, whenever you like. You can purchase a set number of credits (usually in batches of 10) as a one-off, or you can increase your monthly retainer to take account of extra credits over the remainder of your annual contract. 

Can I cancel my GrowthEngine™ plan?

You can cancel your 12 month package at any point, with 2 months notice, however the balance of your 12-month package will then be due. The flexibility of our packages allow you to use your credits however you wish, so in theory you could use them all in the first month, having only made one month’s payment, which I’m sure you can understand would not be appropriate.

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Bayside Business Centre
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+44 (0)1202 985186

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